We provide buckets for picking and package your berries for the ride home.  All ages are welcome, however, no pets please.

$2.00 per pound.




Weymouth BlueberryOur first fresh blueberry of the season, this medium to large berry is excellent for fresh eating and ripen very early in the season.  It is traditionally ready for picking the first week of July.

This small berry is ideal for baking and becomes available for picking 5-10 days after the Weymouth.

This small berry boasts the highest anti-oxidant level of any cultivars.  It is ideal for baking and has excellent flavor.  This variety is available alongside the Ranocas in mid to late July.

This firm medium size berry is a delicious fresh eating berry.  The berries are born to loose clusters making them easy to pick.  The timing of the bluejay is that of the Ranocas: mid to late July.

This large, sweet and firm berry is an excellent fresh eating berry.  It is very suitable for freezing.  This variety is a mid-season crop available in August.

This medium sized berry keeps well, hangs on loose clusters and is easy to pick.  This variety is available until mid-August.

This large berry is very sweet.  It is great for desserts and ripens soon after the Jersey variety.  It is our last variety for U-pickers