Hand Picked

We pick our blueberries every morning to ensure you receive the freshest berries!
We sell our hand picked berries in flats, half pints or by the pound:

$3.50 per pint
$21.00 per half flat
$35.00 per flat


Famous for its extremely large size, the Spartan berries are about the size of a quarter.  They have excellent taste and are a favorite for fresh eating.  Traditionally the are available after the Weymouth, about two weeks into July.

This large berry is firm and stores well. This variety is available from mid to late July.

This large berry has a unique and tangy flavor.  It is excellent for fresh eating and has become a favorite with our customers.  This variety is available soon after the Spartan in mid July.

This unique berry is rare to the Pacific Northwest.  It is a large berry with a complex flavor.  It is excellent for fresh eating and is available by late July.

This crisp berry offers a sweet taste and stores well.  Black River Blues offered this variety for the first time in 2011

This berry has the same patronage as the Dixi, but creates a larger berry.  It has excellent taste and aroma.  It ripens mid to late August

This large, sweet and firm berry is an excellent fresh eating berry.  It is very suitable for freezing.  This variety is a mid-season crop available in August.