22 Varieties

7 U-Pick Varieties.
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102 Acres

Washington's oldest blueberry farm
Historic, beautiful Site

Black River Blues Bluberry Farm is located on 102 acres in Rochester, Washington.  We take great pride in our farms historical significance, superior quality fruit and the safety of our consumers.

Black River Blues was the first commercial blueberry farm in Washington State and in the early 1950s began playing an integral role in supplying nursery stock to many up and coming blueberry farms.  Some of our existing fields were planted by Herbert Drew in the late 1930s.  Herbert Drew was a pioneer in the blueberry industry, disproving the belief that blueberries could only be grown on peat bogs.  In April of 1953, Drew was granted Plant Patent Number 1,181 by the United States Patent Office making him the first to patent a blueberry bush. To this day Black River Blues grows some of the original Rubel variety bushes that were domesticated for farming from the wild varieties.  These original Rubel bushes are still prized today because they boast the highest anti-oxidant levels of any blueberry currently in production.